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How to use the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Not sure how you assemble the pregnancy pillow? Here are some tips on how to start using your pregnancy pillow.In general, we recommend that you start using the bbhugme pregnancy pillow as early as...
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How to use the bbhugme Nursing Pillow?

Not sure how you assemble or use the Nursing Pillow? Here are some tips and information on how to get started. Whether you are bottle- or breastfeeding your baby, our nursing pillow is designed to ...
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bbhugme - Awards and Reviews

Since our launch, we are proud to have won numerous awards and garnered rave reviews from the media, design leaders, and customers. Here are some of our top awards and reviews we have received so f...
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A Midwife's Top Tips for Feeding Newborns!

Breastfeeding a newborn baby is a fulltime job for most of us. In addition, we need food, water, rest and understanding from our surroundings. Stress will reduce hormones needed for this delicate t...
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