Since launching in Norway in 2013, bbhugme's award-winning Pregnancy Pillow continues to gain media attention and receive rave reviews from top publications.

bbhugme press

 "If you don't want to commit to a particular shaped pillow, this long, moldable option from bbhugme will be perfect."

Time Magazine, 2023


"New York City-based physical therapist Marianne Ryan, PT, points to this adjustable pregnancy pillow as one that you can mold to your liking, making it especially versatile."

- NBC News, 2023


“Best adjustable-firmness pregnancy pillow. As your body changes, it will likely require different levels of support. That’s where this body pillow with an adjustable firmness level can be useful."    

The Strategist, New York Magazine, 2023


"Whilst it's an investment, I can attest it will last you long beyond your pregnancy.

- Glamour, 2023


"If you're looking for comfort and relaxation, bbhugme hits the jackpot."

Women's Health, 2024


Experience for yourself why our Pregnancy Pillow is loved by moms and critics around the world.  


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