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 Our responsibility

The making of high quality, long lasting products is at the core of our philosophy
If you no longer use your bbhugme pillow, consider if you can sell it or give it to someone else. We are confident that the new owner will be as satisfied as you have been. With a new cover, the products are ready for a “second life”.

Product design

The longer a product lasts, the lower its environmental impact. We deliver timeless design and durable products in high quality materials. This is to ensure a long lifetime and products that you can be used for many years. With separate covers, you can easily refresh and maintain the pillows.


We want to make sure our products are manufactured and sourced sustainably. We have a high focus on transparency and traceability throughout our supply chain. 
We focus on independent certifications of suppliers which covers environmental aspects, for example Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. 


In all aspects of the value chain, we are continuously looking for opportunities to minimize our environmental impact. Together with our manufacturing partners, we are actively investigating and testing materials that can further reduce the environmental impact.

Our products are made of recyclable material. If you choose to scrap your product, we kindly ask you to ensure that it is recycled. You can dispose the inner pillow, complete with the filling material contained within the inner pillow fabric. PLASTIC recycling? How can the consumer do it in practise? We have removed plastic in our packaging. Our pillows come in textile bags that are practical for storage and transportation. Our sleeve collection is packed in surplus textile material from the production. This means less waste and sustainable packaging that you can use for storage of the sleeve or other essentials for your baby.