Nursing Pillow - Dusty Cedar

Nursing Pillow - Dusty Cedar

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Why you'll love the bbhugme® Nursing Pillow?


  • Tie-Around Design: Ensures the pillow stays in place at the height you need for ideal positioning, promoting better latching.

  • Adjustable Firmness: Adjust the firmness of the pillow to fit you and your baby allowing for soft or firm support and comfort while feeding.

  • Multi-Feeding Positions: Can be used in a variety of different nursing positions, such as cradle-hold, laid-back nursing, side-lying, as well as bottle feeding. 

  • Global Award-Winning: The bbhugme has been named one of the Best Nursing Pillows and won multiple awards, making it a top choice for new moms around the world.

  • Developed by Healthcare Professionals: For extra peace of mind, bbhugme was developed by female healthcare professionals together with real moms for ultimate effectiveness and safety.

  • Washable covers: The super-soft cover is removable and washable to you can keep your pillow fresh. Change your pillow's style with extra covers and pebbles.
  • User Instructions

      • The bbhugme Nursing Pillow includes: an inner pillow made from microbeads that hug your body, a super-soft outer cover, and two “Pebbles” to secure the cover and adjust the pillow's firmness
      • When assembling the pillow, pull the cover over the inner pillow and secure with a Pebble at each end
      • To adjust the pillow’s size and firmness, slide the Pebbles in or out
      • The tie-around design allows you to secure the pillow at the level of the breast to ensure a comfortable latch for mom and relaxed feeding for baby
      • The extra-long ties make the pillow suitable for all body sizes
      • Offers support and comfort in a variety of different nursing positions, such as cradle position, laid-back nursing, or side-lying 
      • Reduces strain on your arms, neck, and shoulders while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
      • Learn more about how to use the bbhugme Nursing Pillow.
  • Size & Dimensions

      • Length 28 in (72 cm) x Height 6.5 in (17 cm)
      • Weight: The inner pillow is 1.3 lbs (0.6 kilos)
      • The assembled Nursing Pillow including Cover and Pebbles is 1.7 lbs (0.8 kilos)
      • Carton dimension: 15.5 x 29.5 x 15.5 cm
  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    • Inner Pillow: The inner pillow should never be washed in the washing machine. Removing spots on the inner pillow can be best done with a wet towel.

      Outer cover: Covers are machine washable (104°F / 40°C). Hang to dry; do not tumble dry.

      Pebbles: The Pebbles can be washed in the dishwasher or with warm water.

      For more information, please visit our Product Materials & Care page.

  • Materials & Certifications

      • The inner pillow is filled with microbeads. For information about the inner filling please visit our Product Materials & Care page.
      • The outer cover is 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey fabric. Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Class 1 Certified.
      • The Pebbles are made from BPA-free silicon.
  • Safety

      • The bbhugme Nursing Pillow is designed for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding only.
      • Never let a baby or child sleep on or with the Nursing Pillow. Supervision is required by an awake, alert adult.
      • The Nursing Pillow is not meant for co-sleeping or bedsharing, and it is not a sleep positioner.
      • Do not use the Nursing Pillow while standing, as this could create a fall risk for your baby.
      • The Nursing Pillow is not meant for tummy time or to prop your baby up. 
      • The Nursing Pillow should never be left in a crib, bassinet, or other sleep area.
      • Never hold your baby face down in the Nursing Pillow. When using the Nursing Pillow, always make sure that the baby’s head is positioned on the pillow so that their face is visible and their airway is open.
      • Some of our Nursing Pillows have a double zipper on the inner pillow. This is made to prevent leakage of the pillow’s filling, which is made of EPS microbeads. Do not unzip this zipper or attempt to remove the microbeads.
      • Never let your child unzip the inner pillow. The microbeads inside the inner pillow are nontoxic and non-allergenic, but they can be a choking hazard.

      For more information, visit our Safety page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Bought 2!

I love them so much I bought 2! One for each floor in our house so I don’t carry them around. My toddler loves resting on them while watching TV so we have uses past nursing times. :)

Ellie Brown
Versatile and oh so comfy

I love this pregnancy pillow! The material is soft and it feels so nice to hug during the night. I wake up and use it as a back rest in the morning, love the versatility of the shape. Excellent!

Adina Mtz.

I am sooo happy with this nursing pillow! This is my 3rd baby and I’ve been using the pregnancy pillow and loved it so much that I thought I should give the nursing one a try. I have used many other nursing pillows but all of them ultimately required some other kind of additional pillow underneath the corner to support when in use. I have zero complaints about this one - it is lightweight, so easy to tie around my waist (which I did not think I would need but is SO helpful), and it honestly gives the perfect amount of support. Sometimes I need to get up while nursing and wearing this makes it easy to do so because it is not huge and bulky. It is adjustable and easy for me to smoosh some of the beads to one side if I want baby to be slightly upright sometimes, too.

I took this to the hospital with me just in case and it was so perfect. Cannot say enough good things about it. I also love the color which is a great bonus. Truly one of my favorite baby products ever.

Kristiana Vodo

I cannot rave brought about this breastfeeding pillow! I have used it for both of my babies and it’s been a life saver! It provides the perfect amount of support and comfort for both myself and the baby. I love how it molds to the baby and can use it for all nursing positions. I am a lactation nurse and other pillows never perform to this quality! My patients all know about this pillow because every mom deserves comfort and easy during breastfeeding as it comes with many challenges. Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Kelly Lin

made my nursing much more comfortable for me and my baby (3 months old) and the latching more successfully.

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