Introducing the bbhugme Nursing Pillow Collection

It’s here! We have a new Nursing Pillow collection. The new collection comes in six gorgeous prints: Grey Melange, Pink Melange, Blue Melange, Dots, BluePrint, and Cedar. To capture our Scandinavian roots into the design, each of these colours has been inspired by Scandinavia’s awe-striking landscapes and vistas. 

New bbhugme Nursing PIllow Collection 2021


Experience Exceptional Comfort and Support with the bbhugme® Nursing Pillow

Like all our products, the new bbhugme® Nursing Pillow is developed by experienced health professionals. Offering optimum support and comfort to the neck and shoulders whilst breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it offers an altogether improved feeding experience for baby, mum, dad, grandparents, and nanny alike.

The bbhugme® Nursing Pillow continues to receive praise for its flexibility. The pillow molds and shapes, adapting comfortably to your growing baby as well as to changes in your body, feeding positions, and environments. The adjustable nursing pillow comfortably supports your baby when you are breastfeeding or when you or anyone else takes over for a bottle-feed.  


bbhugme flexible nursing pillow


To take it one step further, the fact that the pillow is extremely lightweight and portable with a travel bag means that feeding on the go is no longer a problem. You can carry your bbhugme® Nursing Pillow with you when you’re off to visit friends and even when you’re traveling.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to keep your gorgeous new nursing pillow clean, then we’ve got that ‘covered’ – pun intended. We know that feeding can be a messy ordeal. To ensure that you aren’t stuck without a clean nursing pillow when you might need it most, the bbhugme® Nursing Pillow covers are removable, machine washable, and easy to replace.

Furthermore, the covers are crafted from natural, soft, and OEKO-TEK certified cotton that shapes around the body and recovering tummies, making it easier to relax and get comfortable, both baby and you. The covers are fastened on both ends with BPA-free silicone pebbles on each end to offer maximum adjustability.


Trying to decide if the new bbhugme® Nursing Pillow is right for you? Take a look at the 6 Things to Look for in a Nursing Pillow.    

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