The bbhugme Advisory Board consists of health professionals who are all passionate about pregnancy, motherhood and the wellbeing of the family. Because of their experience with using our products with the women they care for, our advisory board are all fierce supporters of the bbhugme products. The Advisory Board shares its unique insights and learnings from their practices with us, and that plays a crucial part in the bbhugme product development.

Each member of the bbhugme Advisory Board is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to caring for women and new families. But more importantly, they are curious to learn more and share their learnings and experiences with us and you.

Hilde Tavares - Founder/Chiropractor

Hilde Tavares - Founder

Hilde and her husband run a family chiropractic practice just outside of Stavanger, Norway. She works with pregnant women, new mums and their babies every day. Her work reaches beyond treating only aches and pains, and centres around helping these women understand their true physical strength and connecting with their inner voice that already knows what is best for them and their babies.

As one of the founders, and part of the product development team, Hilde has a close relationship with all the bbhugme products. Despite her having her three children before the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow became a reality, there is still one on every couch and bed in her house, proving that it is the best pillow to rest and relax with, pregnant or not.

“Motherhood: possibly the most pivotal transition a woman can go through in life and how well informed, loved and supported we can make her feel in that process will aid in her confidence to express and live out her best version of motherhood how she sees it. “

Ann Kristin S. Homdrum - Founder/Chiropractor

Ann Kristin Homdrum -Founder

Ann Kristin has been taking care of women and babies as a chiropractor for many years. She runs a chiropractic clinic with her husband which has been helping families since 2009. They also run an Instagram account, @natural_born_parenting, that focuses on health advice for pregnant women and families with small children.

As one of the three founders of bbhugme, she is confident that the products will stand the test of time. Knowing how much of a difference the proper sleep and support in pregnancy makes, Ann Kristin has used all of the bbhugme products herself in her own pregnancies and is a proud mum of three.

Ann Kristin recommends the pregnancy pillow to the pregnant mums she sees in her practice and the feedback is always positive. She loves knowing that a product she recommends and has been a part of creating is bringing so much relief and satisfaction for the women she cares for.

“From the moment of conception, a mother’s body goes through a series of transformations. I am passionate about providing women with more support on their journey through motherhood. My role centres on informing them about the healthy choices that can make a difference for both the mother and the baby’s development.”

Harriet Plowright - Pediatric Doctor

Harriet Wilkes - Advisory Board Member

Harriet specialises in Paediatrics, Child Health and Neonatal medicine where she spends her time treating emergencies and running clinics for chronic problems in children. She moves hospitals often as part of her work and, through this, meets a lot of families on a day-to-day basis.

Harriet feels privileged to work with children and be surrounded by their innocence and kindness each day. She is a strong advocate for neonatal wellbeing and breastfeeding mothers.

Harriet lives in the West Midlands in the UK, with her husband and two children. She became a fierce fan of the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow in 2017 when she was pregnant with her little girl. She fell in love and kept using it after her daughter was born. Now, as a mum of two, she is still using the pregnancy pillow when nursing her son in bed for back support.

“It can be an intimidating time when babies are born too early, too small or unwell. I feel passionate about equipping women and their families with the information and tools that empower them to confidently care for their new babies.”

Rachel Harangody - Neonatal Nurse and Founder of metta baby

Rachel Curran Advisory Board Member

Rachel has supported new mothers and their families for many years. From the high-pressure environment of the Neonatal Intensive care Unit, through being a private in-home nurse to new babies, she now owns an infant wellness studio, metta baby, in Chicago, USA.

Rachel has experienced a number of cultures and their different perspectives on family and infant wellness when living in Europe. She brings all of that diverse experience into her work today. Rachel and her husband now live in Chicago, happy to be home and growing their family.

bbhugme products are always around, both in the baby wellness studio and Rachel’s home. In the studio, the bbhugme Nursing Pillow works hard and provides support for breastfeeding, tummy time and baby massage for the little ones. Her clients love all that it can do for them.

At home, the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow has been a must-have during her pregnancies. Rachel is convinced that the pillow is crucial for her getting a good night’s sleep.

“No matter the setting, culture, or region - one fact remains the same. Mothers or soon to be mothers do not have the physical, mental or emotional support that they should have in these very vulnerable stages. It is my mission to change this - whether that is anywhere from the pre to the early postnatal period.”

Åsa Lind - Midwife

Åsa Lind Melin Advisory Board Member

Åsa has practised as a midwife for 25 years. With that experience, she has seen and done it all and is an expert in midwifery, birth, pregnancy care and women’s health.

Beyond her clinical training, Åsa is also trained in baby massage and Shiatsu massage for pregnant women.

Her career has taken her from working in the hospital’s delivery wards, managing and operating her own midwifery practice to counselling many women preparing for pregnancy and birth.

Her role, and what gives her joy, is to deal with the medical issues that can sometimes come along with pregnancies and births. She strives to create a strong connection with her patients based on respect and building trust.

She knows that every mother and baby is different, and there are many choices to make. Only the mother can know what is best for her and her baby. Making sure that the moms recognise that in themselves is what is most important to her.

“My wish is that everyone ends up immensely proud of themselves, proud of the choices they have made and that they will feel both mentally and physically strong enough to bond with their newborn child.”


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