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Our support belt has two positions. The upper position is recommended for lower back and/or sacroiliac joint issues, and the lower for hip and/or symphysis pubis issues.

Step 1

Put the belt on from the bottom up, like you would put on a skirt. Pull up on the solid part of the belt and not the elastic. When it is in place, make sure the middle of the belt seam is aligned with the middle of your lower back.

Step 2

Raise your leg and locate the crease in your thigh. The crease shows where the belt will sit.
For the upper belt position align the bottom edge of the belt with the crease.
For the lower belt position align the top edge of the the belt with the crease.

Step 3

Pull the belly band part over your belly. Adjust the elastic tension straps to your level of comfort by pulling them forwards. If uncomfortable bunching occurs, the straps are too tight and you should loosen them.

Note! While these are suggested wearing recommendations, you can put the belt anywhere between the upper and lower position to your own liking.
What feels best, often also works best.